Going Back

Friday of the Octave of Easter: John 21:1-14

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus was once quoted as saying, “You can’t step into the same river twice”. For one thing, a river is always moving and, therefore, always changing. By the time you step into it again, it isn’t quite the same river. Then again, when you step into the river a second time, you aren’t the same you. Our minds and bodies are also moving, changing, learning from experience, maturing and aging.

Yet, we often feel the desire to step into some old river a second time. Some married couples may celebrate an anniversary by going back to some place that was significant early in their relationship. People often return to their high schools or colleges for reunions, or just to see what the place looks like now and to recall some events. Others who have moved far from their birthplaces may feel a desire to go back for a visit, for the same reasons.  Continue reading “Going Back”


This isn’t a reflection on today’s readings, as meaningful and powerful as they are. No, this is an expression of gratitude on my part for all of you who have offered such positive and powerful feedback to me since I began this blog. Some of you have shared a bit of your own stories with me. Somehow, you found something in one of my posts helpful to you in your own life’s challenges. Somehow, the Lord spoke to you through some words of mine. A few of you told me stories about yourselves or others you know who are Aspies as well, and how my blog seems to offer them some hope of finding their own voice and place. I cannot claim much credit for any of this. I share what I am given. You, in turn, have shared what you were given. In such sharing, received in love and gratitude, we experience the healing touch of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “Feedback”