From Shame To Joy: The Road to Emmaus

Third Sunday of Easter (A): Luke 24:13-35

You find the sparrow that falls
When boughs break, to you she calls
With broken wing, still she sings
You find the sparrow that falls

– from The Language of Flowers, by Connie Dover

In my last episode, I spoke of how Thomas and the other disciples were able to meet the Risen Lord through his wounds. They had learned that they were far more vulnerable and wounded than they knew. The wounds of the Risen Lord gave them hope.  Continue reading “From Shame To Joy: The Road to Emmaus”

Disappointment and Renewal

Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

Disappointment. It’s an experience as common as death and taxes. Who has not felt disappointed in someone or something? Who has not felt disappointed in our own selves at times? Is it possible to get through a week – or even a day – without feeling some form of disappointment? Where do all these disappointments come from?

At every stage of our lives – friendship, school, work, marriage, family, or parish, to name but a few – we bring certain hopes and expectations to the table. We have expectations as to what our role and contributions will be, and hopes and expectations as to what others who are involved will be and do. The more important something is to us, the more important it will be that our hopes and expectations are met. When they are not met, the more bitter our disappointment will feel.  Continue reading “Disappointment and Renewal”