A Quick Note

imageThe email notifications that many of you signed up for are working inconsistently at best. I’ve emailed the support folks at Jetpack (the ones who designed that widget) and I am confident that the problem will be solved soon. In the meantime, you may not get email notifications. Feel free to check this site for new posts.  Thanks for your understanding.

Edit: This is SO weird! No emails went out for my last couple of regular posts. But, when I alert you about the emails NOT working, they work!  Who says that God lacks a sense of humor?

Edit #2: The support folks at Jetpack are working on this. They’ve seen this issue with other sites as well. What’s life without a little challenge or two?

Follow Me

100_0302“The lonely and lost are just waiting to hear; Any moment their purpose will be perfectly clear.” – Mary-Chapin Carpenter, The Calling

A happy St. Andrew’s Day to all of you of Scottish descent!

In today’s Gospel reading, we are presented with the call of the first disciples according to St. Matthew. In this account, Jesus simply appears, calls out to Andrew and Peter, then James and John, and they immediately leave everything and follow Him. Immediately, we ask? What was it that drew these fishermen so quickly, so readily to Jesus? Continue reading “Follow Me”

Supersize Me!

(or) How Not To Play God!

winter-scenes-035In yesterday’s post, I picked up on the theme of “searing judgment” found in the reading from Isaiah at yesterday’s Mass. The first readings in today’s Office of Readings (part of the daily Liturgy of the Hours, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it), from Isaiah, places yesterday’s Mass reading in context and includes that reading. Before we get to the promise of “searing judgment”, we see a promise that our God will come to “overawe the earth”. He will lower the arrogant and the proud, humble the mountains and the cedars of Lebanon, and be the only mountain on that day. Then he will grant vindication to His people.

But how does God “overawe the earth” and “lower the arrogant”?  Continue reading “Supersize Me!”

A Little Glitch!

A note for those of you who signed up for email notifications of new posts: for some reason, the emails aren’t going out when I publish a new post, as I did yesterday. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the problem on my end just yet. I have left a message with the folks who designed the email widget. Let’s hope that it gets fixed soon!

Update: The email DID go out for this post!!!  Yay!  Check out the last post, which you may have missed!