Is It Really You, Lord?

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (A) –  Matthew 14:22-33

It’s a familiar scene from the Gospels.

The disciples are in a boat, struggling with wind and rough waters by night. Jesus comes to them, walking on the water. Peter cries out, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water”. Jesus says, “Come”, and Peter comes. However, seeing the wind and waves, Peter loses heart. Beginning to sink, he cries out, “Lord, save me!” Jesus does do, and then gently chides him for his ‘little faith’.

We usually see Peter’s ‘little faith’ as being his fear in the face of wind and wave. We often hear homilies extolling Peter’s willingness to leave the safety of the boat in faith, but then telling us how Peter took his eyes off Jesus and then sunk. But what if there was another way to understand this story? What it Peter’s lack of faith happened earlier, before he even left the boat?  Continue reading “Is It Really You, Lord?”

From Shame To Joy: The Road to Emmaus

Third Sunday of Easter (A): Luke 24:13-35

You find the sparrow that falls
When boughs break, to you she calls
With broken wing, still she sings
You find the sparrow that falls

– from The Language of Flowers, by Connie Dover

In my last episode, I spoke of how Thomas and the other disciples were able to meet the Risen Lord through his wounds. They had learned that they were far more vulnerable and wounded than they knew. The wounds of the Risen Lord gave them hope.  Continue reading “From Shame To Joy: The Road to Emmaus”

Joining Mercy’s Team

Divine Mercy Sunday (A)

Looking back on my life as a child, it’s interesting to note how much of my interaction with other children took place in the context of games. That may be true for many of you as well. Card games, board games, ping pong, the early video games – and those were just the indoor games. There was baseball, basketball, dodgeball, “It”, marbles, and other outdoor games. There were a few games we made up or adapted with a few rules of our own.  Continue reading “Joining Mercy’s Team”