The Holy One Of God

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)

So… how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

Some of you, having been down this road (without much success) one time too many, may have given up on such resolutions. Others, who are still trying, may find it very hard to stick with them – even after only four weeks.

Why is that? Why should it be so difficult? After all, whenever we make New Year’s resolutions, we make them with every good intention of following through. We pick some bad habit we seek to curb, or some good habit we seek to promote, and focus on that. We try to eat better, to do more exercise, to be more available to family and friends, or more generous to those in need. We try to pray more consistently. We may try some other good resolution. We are excited about it, we want it, and we commit to it. It seems to be consistent with our best values, and with what the Lord has taught us. Why do we stumble? Continue reading “The Holy One Of God”