A Little Word

My typical Saturday morning routine has been changed today, so I might not be able to put out my usual post on the Sunday readings this time. For someone on the autism spectrum, any change from the routine is difficult!

However, I don’t want to leave you with nothing. I recommend the homily by Bishop Robert Barron for this Sunday, which you may find here. Bishop Barron’s homilies are usually very good: thought-provoking and inspiring. You will also find many other resources on his Word on Fire website.

It’s possible that I might have a post later today or tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises. In the meantime, Bishop Barron’s words will do nicely.

Peace in the Lord!

The Algorithm of God

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Not long after Sesame Street first became popular, it introduced a new Muppet character – the Count. The Count looked very much like Count Dracula, but we kids very quickly figured out that he was harmless. The Count was about one thing – he literally loved to count! He counted everything he could. As long as he had something to count, he was happy.  The Count soon became one of my favorite Sesame Street characters. Continue reading “The Algorithm of God”

Gift and Mission

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (A): Matthew 16:13-20

Catholic teaching points to this passage in Matthew’s Gospel as the moment when Jesus designates Peter as the primary witness of the Church’s faith in Jesus, as the head of the Apostles and thus as the first Pope. Most contemporary Scripture scholars (Protestant as well as Catholic) agree that Peter is being given a central role as the first of the Apostles, though not all agree on the implications of this role. However, Catholics believe that the mission given to Peter must endure as the Church has endured, and therefore this mission remains as that of Peter’s successors, the Popes. The Pope remains the primary witness of the Church’s faith in Jesus. Just as Jesus told Peter at the Last Supper that, after he had recovered his faith, he must strengthen his brethren, so too, the Pope is called upon to strengthen the faith of all who believe.  Continue reading “Gift and Mission”

A Woman of Great Faith

Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time (A): Matthew 15:21-28

Every generation has had its favorite images of Jesus. Since the 1960’s, we have tended to stress the ‘softer’ side of Jesus – his compassion, his openness, his willingness to forgive, his inclusivity. In other words, we have emphasized those aspects of Jesus which seem to fit best with the predominant values of our own culture. Many sayings and deeds of Jesus appear to fit this pattern.

But every now and then, we come across something like today’s Gospel reading. Continue reading “A Woman of Great Faith”

Blessed Is She Who Believed

Feast of the Assumption: Luke 1:39-56

What is your greatest achievement?

Do you find this question difficult to answer? Do you wonder if anything you have done can be called “great”? Would you feel embarrassed to even try to answer such a question? After all, most of us will never lead an army to victory in a historically significant battle, or write a book that will change the way everyone thinks, or find a cure for some previously incurable disease. One can think of similar achievements that most people would call great. However, would any of these, as impressive as they may be, be our greatest achievement even if we actually did one of these?  Continue reading “Blessed Is She Who Believed”